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Blogger Spotlight: Big Blonde Hair Takes NYFW

By Nicola Ford on September 18, 2015


HAUTEheadquarters.com founder, Nicola Ford caught up with style blogger Lauren Sebastian of BigBlondeHair.com to talk about her time at NYFW and what she saw trending for jewelry and accessories.

HH: Describe you NYFW experience in three words.

BBH: My...Feet...Hurt

Really though it's such a whirlwind running from show to show and event to event! People think it's all glitz and glam, but there's a lot of running around and trying not to be late. I wanted to make the most of it while I was there, so I took advantage of every invitation and opportunity that was offered. I need more comfortable flats, which is one thing I thought I would NEVER say, let alone about NYFW!

HH: Where there any runway or show trends that you were crazy about or any you really disliked?

BBH: I really loved the draped and flowy cuts of a lot of pieces I saw. I'm not much of a pastel person, but lines were showing lighter pastels with sheen for Spring, which was very feminine and pretty.

HH: In terms of jewelry and/or accessories, what pieces did you see at the shows that really wowed you or that you think are going to be big for Spring16.

BBH: I loved the large, sleek, collars at the Pamela Rolland show. In terms of street style, a lot of girls were doing a take on that by wearing some sort of choker, whether it was a metal collar necklace, beaded piece, or just some sort of scarf.

I was also OBSESSED with the jeweled masks that Givenchy did. Obviously, we won't all be wearing full masks of crystals glued to our faces, but I feel like the show will definitely influence jewelry and makeup trends for shows moving forward and will somehow be translated into jewelry and what we will be wearing.

HH: Tell us about any fashionista or blogger you saw or spent time with, other than yourself, that had amazing jewelry or accessories on.

BBH: Overall jewelry was pretty dainty and understated, which I think translates well to everyday life for the rest of us.

HH: How would you describe your personal style?

BBH: Evolving!

In my twenties I was clueless, despite working in the fashion industry. Occasionally I got it right, but it was pretty rare. One thing that makes me feel better is looking at someone like Victoria Beckham and seeing how she has evolved into absolute style perfection despite some missteps when she was young!

Now in my 30's I'm trying to define my own style and make it more consistent by gathering inspiration from my style icons, in addition to the fact that I've always been drawn to 70's fashion. For example, Rachel Zoe inspired a lot of my NYFW looks. The way she is able to do boho with a sophisticated edge is something I totally strive for. I saw a photo of what she wore at her first fashion week years ago and it's something she could still wear today and no one would think it look dated. Right now, I'm all about trying to build a collection of pieces that I will be able to keep and mix and match with trends for a long, long time. I find that whenever I spend money on really trendy pieces I regret it, so I'm learning to invest in things with staying power.

And when all else fails (or even when it doesn't) you can find me at Zara!

HH: What is your go-to, everyday jewelry style?

BBH: I have recently gotten into some jewelry that is a bit more boho..ie Y-necklaces, midi rings, ear crawlers and dainty, stackable cuffs. I'm finding that I'm starting to see the value in buying multiple pieces from one collection to wear everyday. Like I love my Gorjana bracelets and rings to stack because they work together and I don't have to think about it, as opposed to trying to mix and match from different collections and figuring out it doesn't work together. Ain't nobody got time for that! Or I used to try to mix silver in, but I'm realizing I'm a gold girl and I probably always will be. At the very least I make sure more of my silver jewelry has gold in it as well, so it matches with the details of what I normally wear.

And when all else fails, buy a necklace that is already layered. It's on trend and takes the thinking out of the whole layering process if you don't know what to do.

For nighttime and statement jewelry, I go to a lot of Kenneth Jay Lane pieces. I find his designs to be bold, statement making and on trend. I always get compliments on hid pieces and they seem to stand the test of time.

HH: What three jewelry pieces are you planning to add to your wardrobe for Spring16?

BBH: 1- I want a really, really amazing ear cuff. I own some, but have yet to find the one that I can't wait to put on everyday.

2- Something with metallic fringe or tassels. I have a leather fringe bracelet and a tassel rope necklace, but I want something a little different. I'm not a big, colorful statement necklace person, so I am figuring a way to work this in with a metallic.

3- Some sort of choker that doesn't resemble the elastic one I wore in middle school...Probably something sleek and metal.

4- Sorry, 3 just wasn't enough...I actually am always in search of a really amazing name-plate necklace, like an updated version of the Carrie Bradshaw. It may not be on the top of the trend list, but I'm always looking for a really cool one.

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