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An Interview with Jewelry Designer Hassan Bounkit : Bounkit NYC

By Nicola Ford on June 12, 2017


  You have seen his gorgeous gems on "Gossips Girl" Red Carpets, and Ladies who lunch. His semi-precious jewelry and convertible earrings have graced the covers of Elle, Town & Country and many more. I recently sat down with Hassan Bounkit the designer behind Bounkit in his NYC showroom to ask him what inspires him.

HH: Hassan, how did you transition from working in fashion to becoming a jewelry designer?

HB: I took some time off from fashion school and started taking pictures of a jewelry designer's work. I ended up working with him for five years. I enjoyed my work so much that I wanted to do it for the rest of my life.

HH: What made you decide to work with semi-precious stones?

HB: I always liked semi-precious stones since an early age because there are so many amazing different colors. I also like inclusions that make every stone a unique one.

HH: Do you have a favorite stone color that you like to work with, and if so why?

HB: I like Labradorite, not only for its healing power but also for its iridescence and color variation that makes it easy to combine with any color stones or outfit.

HH: Does your Moroccan heritage influence your designs?

HB: My Moroccan heritage has no doubt influenced my designs especially when it comes to my sense of colors and scale.

HH: What is your design process?

HB: I usually start the process with hand drawings and lay out the stones for proportion and color combination. Once I'm sure that's the look I want I work with the jewelers step by step. Sometimes we need a few changes before the final product.

HH: Our customers are obsessed with your convertibles! What inspired you to create convertible earrings?

HB: I know buying a few of my earrings can be an investment for some people, and others don't like to be seen with the same jewelry all the time. So by making the earrings convertible; sometimes four ways, it resolved both issues. In fact I had a customer who told me she always keeps a pair in her bag, especially when she travels.

HH: What is your favorite piece of jewelry you have ever designed?

HB: One of my favorite pieces is a necklace that converts into bracelets.

HH: Are there any jewelry designers you admire?

HB: I admire David Webb's work.

HH: Name one woman you would like to see wearing your jewelry.

HB: I would like to see every woman that appreciates hand crafted jewelry set with color stones made in the heart of Manhattan to wear my jewelry!

HH: What can we expect next from Bounkit?

HB: A jewelry line for men!

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