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An Interview with Jewelry Designer Hassan Bounkit : Bounkit NYC

By Nicola Ford on June 12, 2017


  You have seen his gorgeous gems on "Gossips Girl" Red Carpets, and Ladies who lunch. His semi-precious jewelry and convertible earrings have graced the covers of Elle, Town & Country and many more. I recently sat down with Hassan Bounkit the designer behind Bounkit in his NYC showroom to ask him what inspires him.

HH: Hassan, how did you transition from working in fashion to becoming a jewelry designer?

HB: I took some time off from fashion school and started taking pictures of a jewelry designer's work. I ended up working with him for five years. I enjoyed my work so much that I wanted to do it for the rest of my life.

HH: What made you decide to work with semi-precious stones?

HB: I always liked semi-precious stones since an early age because there are so many amazing different colors. I also like inclusions that make every stone a unique one.

HH: Do you have a favorite stone color that you like to work with, and if so why?

HB: I like Labradorite, not only for its healing power but also for its iridescence and color variation that makes it easy to combine with any color stones or outfit.

HH: Does your Moroccan heritage influence your designs?

HB: My Moroccan heritage has no doubt influenced my designs especially when it comes to my sense of colors and scale.

HH: What is your design process?

HB: I usually start the process with hand drawings and lay out the stones for proportion and color combination. Once I'm sure that's the look I want I work with the jewelers step by step. Sometimes we need a few changes before the final product.

HH: Our customers are obsessed with your convertibles! What inspired you to create convertible earrings?

HB: I know buying a few of my earrings can be an investment for some people, and others don't like to be seen with the same jewelry all the time. So by making the earrings convertible; sometimes four ways, it resolved both issues. In fact I had a customer who told me she always keeps a pair in her bag, especially when she travels.

HH: What is your favorite piece of jewelry you have ever designed?

HB: One of my favorite pieces is a necklace that converts into bracelets.

HH: Are there any jewelry designers you admire?

HB: I admire David Webb's work.

HH: Name one woman you would like to see wearing your jewelry.

HB: I would like to see every woman that appreciates hand crafted jewelry set with color stones made in the heart of Manhattan to wear my jewelry!

HH: What can we expect next from Bounkit?

HB: A jewelry line for men!

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Do You Have What it Takes to Become a Jewelry Designer

By Nicola Ford on June 12, 2017


Do you have what it takes to become a jewelry designer? HAUTEheadquarters is proud to carry some of the country's best fashion jewelry brands including Kenneth Jay Lane, Ben-Amun, Melinda Maria, Marcia Moran and more.

Many designers have years of formal training and have attended prestigious fashion and design colleges however, many do not. Perseverance, luck, and talent all play a role in the success of a designers career. If you want to become a jewelry designer there are many aspects you need to consider.

Can you draw? If not that's ok but you will need to take the necessary steps to create images. If you cannot sketch you will need to find someone who can translate your idea to paper. Next, you will need to create the image in a 3-D version. Most people employ CAD technologies for this. If you are not skilled in CAD, there are companies who can assist you in creating a 3-D image. Once you have the mold created, metals can then be cast and you will have a model of your design which you can work on perfecting. If you do not have the financial backing to work with a production team or manufacturer, try starting out small with a local bench jeweler.

Marcia Moran was not a designer to begin with. She began her career as a dentist in Brazil. After importing Brazilian jewelry to the States, she began creating her own designs. She re-located to Los Angeles and created the Marcia Moran line of jewelry, Although she did not start out as a jewelry designer she has become of the most well known druzy jewelry designers in the country. Recently she started a second fashion jewelry line called FemmeRox.

When deciding to start a jewelry line you must consider the business side as well as the creative aspects of your work. A business plan, marketing plan, and design plan will all be very important. If you feel like your talent is more on the creative side rather than the business side reach out to local colleges in your area. Many universities offer small business courses and mentorship for free. When working on your line it is imperative to take the buyer into consideration. You need to know who your buyer is and who you think you can sell your jewelry to on a retail level. It is very important to factor in the amount of money you will need to produce your pieces, what your markup will be, profit margin, and how you will finance production. If you plan on using fine metal you will need to factor in the price fluctuations of metals on the market. It would also be wise to strategize how you will approach retailers. Will you try to meet buyers of small boutiques on your own, or will you spend money on a trade show booth? Many small stores may enter into a consignment agreement to carry your items, however you will not be paid until the item sells.

The largest fashion jewelry and accessories show is ENK, and for fine jewelry it is JCK. These shows are held throughout the year and you can find dates, booth requirements, show locations, and more information on their websites. Working for a bench jeweler or interning at an existing jewelry brand are both great ways to learn the business and gain industry knowledge. Designer Kenneth Jay Lane did just that!

Kenneth Jay Lane attended the prestigious Rhode Island School of Design, however before he began creating his own line he designer footwear and jewels for footwear at Delman. He later trained under Roger Vivier. He took his experiences and created a multi-million dollar jewelry empire. Today he is known as the "King of Costume Jewelry".

When creating a collection try to keep the designs cohesive. It may seem grand to create 1960's vintage inspired pieces, delicate pieces, and more but try to maintain a consistent theme or look. Starting out with inspiration boards can be useful in the design process. Consider a color palette, and if you are working with gemstones investigate the availability of the stones and quantities you will need to complete your designs and future orders. If you want to work with fine diamonds and gemstones, consider getting a GIA education as a gemologist. This extensive training will teach you everything you need to know about gemology.

HAUTEheadquarters designer Melinda Maria is completely self taught. Although she did not attend GIA she has an amazing eye for stones and detail in her work. She had a passion for jewelry and accessories since early childhood. After a career as a stylist, and make-up artist she decided to solely focus on jewelry design. Today she runs her celebrity jewelry line Melinda Maria, and is opening free standing stores across Europe!

If you find yourself still searching for answers reach out to local jewelers and organizations. There are tons of sites online for jewelry designers, jewelry merchants, and jewelry associations that can lead you to the right answers. Remember to always follow your dreams and shine like a DIAMOND!



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An Interview With Kenneth Jay Lane: The King of Costume Jewelry

By Nicola Ford on April 8, 2016


"Elegance, luxury, and good taste never go out of style" -Kenneth Jay Lane

Kenneth Jay Lane is considered the "King of Costume Jewelry". His collections have caught the eye of the world's most fashionable and discerning women. His elegant designs have been seen on glamorous women worldwide including Nicole Kidman, Marella Agnelli, Diana Vreeland, Elizabeth Taylor, Kyle Richards, Lady Gaga and many more. Socialites and celebrities alike adorn themselves in the jewelry of Kenneth Jay Lane, however Kenneth designs for every woman in mind. As Mr. Lane says "Glamour is all year round."

We sat down with the King of Costume jewelry himself in his New York showroom!

Here is what he had to say...

HH: When you saw Marella Agnelli wearing Turquoise jewelry in the South of France, what was your first thought?


HH: Did she inspire you to create other pieces of jewelry? If so, which ones?

KJL: The Ruby necklace with Pearls and Emeralds that she bought in India.

HH: What do you consider to be your top three favorite pieces you have designed?

KJL: Those that have sold the most. #1 #2 #3

HH: What three pieces of jewelry do you think every woman should own?

KJL: Earrings, earrings, and Pearls ( 3 strands)

HH: Jewelry designers have come and gone over the years. What do you think the secret to your longevity in the business has been?

KJL: Vitamins C, B, Zinc, Echinacea, etc.

HH: It is evident based on your business, that you are not only an amazing jewelry designer, but also a savvy businessman. What do you think made you such a successful entrepreneur?

KJL: Detesting poverty.

HH: Is there any piece of jewelry that you did not design that you wish you had?

KJL: I am not that greedy.

HH: Your book "Faking It" was fascinating! Will there ever be a Kenneth Jay Lane memoir, or biography?

KJL: I don't want to be sued.

HH: Who do you consider the top three most interesting people you have ever met?

KJL: Diana Vreeland, Lady Diana Cooper, and Sir John Richardson.

HH: Is there any woman left who you would like to see wear your jewelry?

KJL: Kate Cambridge

HH: What is your favorite gemstone, metal or material to work with?

KJL: Resin

HH: What piece of jewelry from your collection are you most excited about for 2016?

KJL: It's a secret

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Nicola's Five For Fall: Jewelry for the Season!

By Nicola Ford on November 2, 2015


As the seasons change and designers begin to present their latest collections, I am always overwhelmed by the amazing array of pieces in their presentations. The jewelry addict in me always wants every single piece in their collections-but since I can't buy it all, I am forced to EDIT!

My personal edit this season consists of five jewelry pieces that I simply could not go without and those that I see myself wearing on a regular basis. Often times, I will select items not just for my obvious attraction to them, but also their ability to transition into other seasons. It is no secret amongst my staff that I am OBSESSED with long necklaces and horn necklaces. This fall we saw lots of lengthy necklaces and lots of collars in the designer collections. However, as much as I love a good collar, I could not break away from my long and lengthy pieces.

Elizabeth Cole Kendra Rope Lariat Necklace $425

My first pick, rather my OBESESSION, is the "Kendra Rope Lariat Necklace" by designer Elizabeth Cole. Every season Stephanie Owen (Elizabeth Cole Designer) creates something I CANNOT live without, and this year it was the Kendra necklace. This extra long rope lariat is AMAZING! The quality is extraordinary due to the fact that all of her pieces are made in the U.S.A. It is long but versatile- the rope can be styled in multiple looks and makes even a t-shirt look chic. The Swarovski crystals that cover the tassels give it that extra glam factor. This rope lariat will transition with me into the Spring and Summer seasons. I can already see myself wearing it with a kaftan in Italy over the summer holiday.

Marcia Moran Gunmetal Four Row Ring $140

My second pick, is the Marcia Moran "Gunmetal Row Ring". I already own this in gold and when Marcia told me it was coming out in gunmetal I just had to have it. It is a fun, fashionable ring that looks great on, and since I love the color grey, gunmetal tones are always a must for me! This color is also an amazing transition piece in the winter months-gunmetal and the darker tones of grey pair perfectly with winter white.

Kenneth Jay Lane Spike Hoop Earrings $50

My third pick for fall are the gold "Spike Hoop Earrings" by Kenneth Jay Lane. We bought both silver and gold tones this season, but currently I am wearing more gold, hence my choice. Kenneth gives the classic hoop a contemporary edge by adding spike detailing- making them the perfect hoop earring for my everyday wear. Fun and fabulous and right at $50 these are a great option for the girl on the go and the girl on a budget!

Gorjana Layla Cuff Bracelet $138

My fourth pick for fall is my new FAVORITE cuff by Gorjana! The "Layla Cuff" is so stunning in person- the images you'll find online don't even do this golden beauty justice! This gorgeous gold honeycomb pattern cuff makes a bold-in-gold statement, perfect for any fashionista. This is another item that will easily transition into my spring wardrobe.

Ben- Amun Roman Coin Pendant Necklace $320

My fifth and final pick for the season is the "Roman Coin Pendant Necklace" by Ben-Amun. Designer Isaac Manevitz, is consistently inspired by his travels. His Roman Coin Collection, embraces the ideal marriage of the rich history of European currency and modern design. As soon as I saw this I had to have it. Isaac speaks to the world wanderer in me, and his ancient silver Roman Coin Pendant effortlessly transitions from day-to-evening. This necklace is ideal for the fashionable world traveler- or at least the girl who wishes she was traveling the world...aka ME!

All of my picks are available now at HAUTEheadquarters.com


Nicola Ford

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Blogger Spotlight: Big Blonde Hair Takes NYFW

By Nicola Ford on September 18, 2015



HAUTEheadquarters.com founder, Nicola Ford caught up with style blogger Lauren Sebastian of BigBlondeHair.com to talk about her time at NYFW and what she saw trending for jewelry and accessories.

HH: Describe you NYFW experience in three words.

BBH: My...Feet...Hurt

Really though it's such a whirlwind running from show to show and event to event! People think it's all glitz and glam, but there's a lot of running around and trying not to be late. I wanted to make the most of it while I was there, so I took advantage of every invitation and opportunity that was offered. I need more comfortable flats, which is one thing I thought I would NEVER say, let alone about NYFW!

HH: Where there any runway or show trends that you were crazy about or any you really disliked?

BBH: I really loved the draped and flowy cuts of a lot of pieces I saw. I'm not much of a pastel person, but lines were showing lighter pastels with sheen for Spring, which was very feminine and pretty.

HH: In terms of jewelry and/or accessories, what pieces did you see at the shows that really wowed you or that you think are going to be big for Spring16.

BBH: I loved the large, sleek, collars at the Pamela Rolland show. In terms of street style, a lot of girls were doing a take on that by wearing some sort of choker, whether it was a metal collar necklace, beaded piece, or just some sort of scarf.

I was also OBSESSED with the jeweled masks that Givenchy did. Obviously, we won't all be wearing full masks of crystals glued to our faces, but I feel like the show will definitely influence jewelry and makeup trends for shows moving forward and will somehow be translated into jewelry and what we will be wearing.

HH: Tell us about any fashionista or blogger you saw or spent time with, other than yourself, that had amazing jewelry or accessories on.

BBH: Overall jewelry was pretty dainty and understated, which I think translates well to everyday life for the rest of us.

HH: How would you describe your personal style?

BBH: Evolving!

In my twenties I was clueless, despite working in the fashion industry. Occasionally I got it right, but it was pretty rare. One thing that makes me feel better is looking at someone like Victoria Beckham and seeing how she has evolved into absolute style perfection despite some missteps when she was young!

Now in my 30's I'm trying to define my own style and make it more consistent by gathering inspiration from my style icons, in addition to the fact that I've always been drawn to 70's fashion. For example, Rachel Zoe inspired a lot of my NYFW looks. The way she is able to do boho with a sophisticated edge is something I totally strive for. I saw a photo of what she wore at her first fashion week years ago and it's something she could still wear today and no one would think it look dated. Right now, I'm all about trying to build a collection of pieces that I will be able to keep and mix and match with trends for a long, long time. I find that whenever I spend money on really trendy pieces I regret it, so I'm learning to invest in things with staying power.

And when all else fails (or even when it doesn't) you can find me at Zara!

HH: What is your go-to, everyday jewelry style?

BBH: I have recently gotten into some jewelry that is a bit more boho..ie Y-necklaces, midi rings, ear crawlers and dainty, stackable cuffs. I'm finding that I'm starting to see the value in buying multiple pieces from one collection to wear everyday. Like I love my Gorjana bracelets and rings to stack because they work together and I don't have to think about it, as opposed to trying to mix and match from different collections and figuring out it doesn't work together. Ain't nobody got time for that! Or I used to try to mix silver in, but I'm realizing I'm a gold girl and I probably always will be. At the very least I make sure more of my silver jewelry has gold in it as well, so it matches with the details of what I normally wear.

And when all else fails, buy a necklace that is already layered. It's on trend and takes the thinking out of the whole layering process if you don't know what to do.

For nighttime and statement jewelry, I go to a lot of Kenneth Jay Lane pieces. I find his designs to be bold, statement making and on trend. I always get compliments on hid pieces and they seem to stand the test of time.

HH: What three jewelry pieces are you planning to add to your wardrobe for Spring16?

BBH: 1- I want a really, really amazing ear cuff. I own some, but have yet to find the one that I can't wait to put on everyday.

2- Something with metallic fringe or tassels. I have a leather fringe bracelet and a tassel rope necklace, but I want something a little different. I'm not a big, colorful statement necklace person, so I am figuring a way to work this in with a metallic.

3- Some sort of choker that doesn't resemble the elastic one I wore in middle school...Probably something sleek and metal.

4- Sorry, 3 just wasn't enough...I actually am always in search of a really amazing name-plate necklace, like an updated version of the Carrie Bradshaw. It may not be on the top of the trend list, but I'm always looking for a really cool one.

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How To Layer Necklaces Like a Pro

By Nicola Ford on September 3, 2015


Get The Layered Look

Dare to make a statement this season and try something different. Layering necklaces has become a new trend amongst fashion bloggers, celebrities, and everyday fashionistas alike. You may have wanted to steal their style but just have not mastered exactly how to do it. Although it can be quite tricky and may take a few tries to get the look you desire, HAUTEheadquarters has the necklaces you need to make a bold, yet chic statement! Follow these simple guidelines and you will be layering necklaces like a pro in no time!

Melanie Auld Necklace

Basics of Layering Necklaces

The secret to layering necklaces is to use various lengths and thicknesses of chains, with a combination of pendants. We recommend printing out our necklace length guide (found in our FAQ section) to give you an idea of the general area where each necklace you want to layer will fall on your neckline. Wearing all the same necklace lengths with charms or pendants will created a stacked chaotic mess and will kill the look you are trying to achieve. Try varying each of the necklace lengths you intend to wear. A good starting point is to layer pieces that are 12", 14" and 16" inches long. If you feel that your look is too unified add a pave piece or colored stone for some sparkling variety. Wearing a long necklace like a tassel or dainty lariat will automatically add length to your layered look. We love seeing the quadruple layering style which consists of 16", 18", and 24" inch long necklaces combined with a 30-32" inch long rope lariat or tassel necklace.

Gorjana Necklaces Layered

Gorjana Necklaces

Gorjana Bar Necklace and Lariat Layered

Choose a Focal Point and Get Creative

Picking personalized pieces such as a monogram necklace, initial pendant, or zodiac pendant can be fun to wear alone but will be gorgeous layered. When layering your necklaces choose one that will be your main focal point and then build around that piece. Consider mixing metals and different stones as you layer your jewelry. Mixing up Gold and Silver necklaces with a druzy stone or a sparkling pave piece will be a dazzling edition to any outfit. Picking a theme for your layered look can help you to coordinate which necklaces to wear together. Be careful with this because mixing themes can create a confusing look if done incorrectly. For example you wouldn't really want to mix boho gypsy bronze style pieces with a classic monogram necklace. The theme of your achieved look does not have to be identical, but it should flow easily and the pieces you choose should complement each other instead of creating confusion.

Melinda Maria Layers

Photo Courtesy of Melinda Maria

Keeping Your Look Untangled

If your necklaces are all the same length they will more than likely tangle. Fine chains run the risk or knotting together, so if you are wearing fine chains make sure they are different lengths. If your necklaces are all the same length consider purchasing a necklace extender. Found at most local retailers, these inexpensive extenders can add anywhere from 3-6" inches in length to your current pieces in turn giving you lots of layering options! Whatever you choose, just make sure you feel fabulous and comfortable in what you're wearing. Confidence is the key!

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Druzy Dreaming: What's a Geode & Why You Need Them in Your Life

By Nicola Ford on August 31, 2015


Jewelry designers, throughout the years, have presented collections created with geodes. The word geode literally means "earthlike." By definition, a geode is simply a rock containing a cavity whose inner surface is lined with crystals known as druses also called "druzy." Most geodes in the United States are found in the Western desert regions of Southern California, Nevada, Utah and Arizona.

Marcia Moran Fall15 Titanium Druzy Earrings

"Druzy" by definition is the type of crystalline coating found inside rock cavities known as geodes. The druzy crystals found in geode rocks grows toward the center of the rock cavity. Every geode is unique in composition and the inner beauty of what lies beneath can only be seen when geode is sliced open. The most prizes geodes will contain rare Amethysts. Quartz is the most common type of druzy. Over the last few seasons, we have seen an increase in the demand and popularity of druzy and agate jewelry pieces. Many jewelry designers now use druzy quartz in their designs due to the fact that it gives a fine jewelry feel to their pieces but at a lower cost than gemstones. Druzy has an amazing sparkle to it and catches the light in a way that creates a glittering and dazzling effect, like that of a diamond. Druzy has been seen on a variety of jewelry pieces ranging from earrings, bracelets, to necklaces and rings. Druzy can be color treated and comes in a variety or dazzling colors from black, titanium, natural, pink, purple, blue and many more.

Marcia Moran Fall15 Titanium Druzy Necklace

Geode druzy and Agate jewelry has been featured on red carpets and fashion runways all season long. This season HAUTEheadquarters will feature a large selection of stunning HAUTE new druzy pieces by featured designer Marcia Moran. Her latest druzy collection includes stunning statement earrings as well as dynamic bangle bracelets and necklaces. We also love that many pieces seen this season combine druzy with other stones such as cat's eye, mother of pearl and labradorite.

Marcia Moran Labradorite & Druzy Earrings

Also this Fall, famed designer Ben-Amun is showcasing a stunning design selection made of Agate geode stones. His carefully crafted collar necklaces are out-of-this-world chic. His mastery of high fashion mixed with earthly agate is divine. The best part about druzy and agate jewelry is that you can look like a million dollars without breaking the bank!

Ben-Amun Geode Collar Necklace Fall15

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Tips for Traveling with Jewelry

By Nicola Ford on August 19, 2015


Every jet-setter wants to look well accessorized on her HAUTE holiday jaunts; however, when traveling with jewelry especially fine jewelry you will need to keep the following tips in mind.

Don't Take a Risk, Leave that Piece at Home!

Jewelry can be broken, lost, stolen, or swallowed up by the sea as you frolic along at the beach so take careful consideration as to what pieces you want to travel with. You may want to rock your carats on the Mediterranean but remember no matter how careful you are there is always the risk of loss or damage. If you have high value pieces or an emotional attachment to your jewelry, it would probably be best to leave it at home.

Condense Your Selection

 Now we are not suggesting you ladies go accessory free. as we know you want to dazzle, just consider traveling light! Choose a few pieces of jewelry that you can wear with multiple outfits. The right statement necklace can be worn with a casual tee or you can dress it up with a cocktail dress for an evening soiree. Perhaps, instead of wearing your diamond engagement ring you might opt just to wear your diamond or weddings band. You simply don't need to travel with multiple pairs of earrings. Try taking a chic pair of hoops that can worn with everything and a statement pair that can dress up a day look or be worn to drinks and dancing. Pick a few great pieces that can be worn with various outfits thus lessening your luggage load.

Packing Your Pieces

NEVER pack your jewelry in your checked luggage. The best method of transporting your jewelry is often in a jewelry roll. Jewelry rolls keep your pieces tangle free, well organized and all in one place. There are tons of varieties and styles on the market to choose from. Checked luggage is likely to be lost, stolen, or delayed in delivery. ALWAYS carry your jewelry and valuable items in your carry-on bags.

Safety is Key

When checking in at a hotel or residential locations make sure to keep your jewelry bag with you. NEVER hand your jewelry over to staff members or others you do not know. If you are staying in a hotel it is advisable to use the hotel safe to store your jewelry and other valuable items for the duration of your stay. If you are traveling with fine jewelry pieces be sure to purchase jewelry insurance. Often times travel insurance will cover you for a set dollar amount for the loss of personal effects and thus leave you in a bind should your beloved engagement ring be washed away at sea.

Remember always enjoy your vacation, be safe, and leave a little room in your luggage for any HAUTE new finds you may come across on your travels!

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Jewelry for the Office...What Jewelry to Wear to Work

By Nicola Ford on August 2, 2015


 Jewelry for the Office

Less is often more in an office environment. So, looking like you're headed to a nightclub when you walk into work is a big no-no. Appearing professional and polished is the way to go but make sure you review your employer's dress code and jewelry policy. As shocking as it may seem, some companies have a no jewelry policy enforced. If your goal is to climb the corporate ladder, leave the shoulder duster earrings and five inch stiletto heels for the weekend.

Wearing a hand full of midi rings or wrist loads of clanking bracelets are fabulously fun but unless you work for a fashion designer or a hip PR firm these pieces will not be considered office appropriate. If you want to wear rings to the office, try wearing a chic stack on one finger. Bold cocktail rings are cool but probably better to wear after five o'clock. It is usually acceptable to wear your wedding and engagement rings with another ring on your opposite hand.

Jewelry at the office should not be heard! You may be the master of amazingly chic arm parties however wearing them to work is not a good idea; you should be seen not heard! If you want to wear a bracelet, go for a lone statement making cuff bracelet or wear a delicate bangle bracelet or two. Wearing a watch and a bangle is acceptable as long as you are not distracting your co-workers with jingle jangle noises all day.

Necklaces at work are admissible as long as they are not a danger to your job or cause distraction. Simple chain necklaces with small pendants are most suitable. Wearing bold neon colors or highly bedazzled pieces to a highly conservative office would not be wise. Pearls are a classic look that often work well in an office environment. We suggest that if you do wear a statement necklace to make sure that it is the focal point of your outfit. If you choose this look take the size and color into consideration.

Earrings are perfectly fine to wear to work so long as they are suitable. A simple stud is the easiest choice. Some women consider stud earrings to be boring, but there are so many style choices available these days that you are sure to find an office appropriate option. When wearing hoop earrings to work you should consider the size. Leave the giant bamboo name plate earrings at home. Chic classic hoop earrings in solid metals or medium sized diamond hoops are the best options.

Overall when working you want to project a positive work image. Looking polished, professional, and confident will perpetuate your success.

Suggested Jewelry for the Office

-Pearl Necklaces or Earrings

-Simple Stud Earrings

-Classic Hoop Earrings

-Single Stack Rings

-Wedding / Engagement Rings

-Pendant or Monogram Necklace

-Chic Statement Necklace

-Cuff Bracelet

-Delicate Bangle or Bracelet


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How To Choose the Perfect Earrings for Your Face Shape

By Nicola Ford on July 10, 2015


The perfect outfit is not complete without the right pair of earrings. From sparkling chandelier earrings to dazzling druzy drops, to trendy ear crawlers HAUTEheadquarters has that unique pair of earrings to accessorize your look.

When you are shopping for that perfect pair of earrings make sure to choose a pair that will enhance your facial features and complete your look.

When choosing your earrings take your facial shape into consideration.

Facial Shapes and Earrings that Flatter Them

Heart Shaped: Heart shaped faces are often referred to as an “inverted triangle” This face shape is widest at the forehead and becomes narrow toward the jawline. Drop earrings that are wider at the bottom than the top flatter this facial shape.

Oval: Oval shaped faces are considered to be the “ideal” face shape. They are very well balanced and the width of the forehead and jawline are usually equal. This face shape can wear almost any style of earring. Chandelier style earrings look particularly flattering on this face shape.

Square: Square shaped faces are somewhat angular along the jawline. Sometimes the jawline may be considered strong. This facial shape is usually the same width from top to bottom. Hoop earrings are the perfect choice for this face shape as the hoop will soften the angular jawline.

Round: Round shape are wider than oval faces and are not angular. Usually round faces have full cheeks. Round faces should avoid round earrings and hoops and instead choose earrings that are longer or consist or angular shapes.

Diamond: Diamond shaped faces consist of narrow foreheads and narrow jawlines. Cheekbones are usually very prominent on this shape face. Diamond faces should avoid long linear earrings and instead choose earrings that are heavier at the bottom than the top.

Oblong: Oblong shaped faces are usually longer than they are wide. Studs and short earrings are flattering on this facial shape. It is best to avoid long and linear earrings with this facial shape as they will make the face look long and drawn.

Types of Earrings

Chandelier Earrings: Chandelier Earrings are the most dramatic of all earring styles. This earring is connects to a post or clip-on back, falls below the earlobe and takes the form of a chandelier and are wider at the bottom than the top.

Stud Earrings: Stud Earrings are the most classic earring style. They consist of a single stone or shape on a post that is worn through the earlobe. Although this style is classic it comes in many styles and stones.

Hoop Earrings: Hoop earrings are circular or semi-circular in shape. This classic style earring comes in a variety of sizes, metals and stones.

Dangle Drop Earrings: Dangle Drop Earrings fall below the earlobe. This style earring can comes in a variety of metal types.

Cluster Earrings: Cluster Earrings are decoratively grouped stones or gemstones placed together to form a cluster pattern.

Ear Cuffs: Ear cuffs are worn individually and rarely sold in pairs. The cuff usually hugs the upper part of the ear and fits snuggly.

Ear Crawlers: Ear crawlers are the dainty version of the ear cuff. This earring crawls up the ear and can be worn individually or as a pair.

TAGS: How to Guide, Earrings, Earrings for your Face Shape, Jewelry FAQ, Jewelry Guide, How To Wear Earrings

HAUTEheadquarters Meets Marcia Moran: An Interview with The Queen of Druzy

By Nicola Ford on June 23, 2015


Marcia Moran always worked in metal just not in jewelry. Trained as a dentist, Marcia ran a successful dental practice during the 90's in San Paulo, Brazil. Even though she had a thriving dental practice her true passion was jewelry design. In 2003 Marcia moved to Los Angeles to pursue her dream. Today she runs the Marcia Moran brand out of her California showroom. Her line has been seen on celebrities such as Brooke Burke-Charvet, Christina Aquilera, and many more including Bravo-lebrities such as Kyle Richards, Adrienne Maloof and Heather Dubrow. We spoke with the jewelry designer to find out what inspires her and what the future holds for Marcia Moran.

HH: Marcia describe your line in three words.

MM: Feminine, unique and rich looking.

HH: What is your design process?

MM: My inspiration comes from local and international fashion weeks, current trends and elements of nature.

HH: How do you come up with the themes for your collections each season?

MM: I try to create two or three themes per collection based on available stones.

HH: This season we saw an influence of bamboo in many of your pieces. What inspired that?

MM: Nature and things I saw in the Spring collections.

HH: Do you wear pieces from your own collection?

MM: Yes, medium sized earrings, druzys, and stackable bangle bracelets.

HH: What was the first piece of jewelry you ever created?

MM: Plain gold stackable rings.

HH: What first interested you in the druzy stone?

MM: The way it sparkles and that it reminds me of diamonds. I like that it adds a fine jewelry feel to costume jewelry.

HH: How do you feel about being called "The Queen of Druzy"?

MM: I am proud that I was able to bring something new to  American fashion jewelry and that it has become a trend in the USA.

HH: What is next for the Marcia Moran brand?

MM: Putting together special online sales where a portion of the proceeds are donated to my designated charity of the month.

TAGS: Marcia Moran, Designer Interview, Druzy, Drusy, Jewelry, Marcia Moran Jewelry, Jewelry Interview

Isle of Capri: Kenneth Jay Lane Capri Earrings Collection

By Nicola Ford on June 20, 2015


Every year glamorous globetrotters from around the world flock to the majestic Isle of Capri, this gorgeous Italian island off the Gulf of Naples has been a resort destination since the Roman Republic. Imagine yourself enjoying cool Mediterranean nights while listening to Frank Sinatra sing the timeless song "Isle of Capri". Celebrities, natives, and tourists all intermingle elegantly on Capri each season, from glossy glamazons in colorful beaded kaftans to those seeking the famous handmade jeweled thong sandals of Canfora, Capri is a stylish destination.

Kenneth Jay Lane Capri Earrings $120



Our Kenneth Jay Lane Capri earring collection features the perfect pieces for your journey. Whether heading to Piazza Umberto, the heart of Capri for lunch, exploring the La Grotta Azzurra by boat or sipping on Capris famous zestful limoncello drinks after dinner our Kenneth Jay Lane Capri earrings collection will take you from dusk to dawn with style and ease. Our Kenneth Jay Lane Capri Coral Earrings, and Capri Turquoise Nights Earrings are the perfect accessories to add to your island ensemble. The Coral Capri earrings consist of stunning cool coral cabochons set in vibrant, sparkling Swarovski stones. The tantalizing turquoise cabochons in the Capri Nights earrings are as spellbinding as the sea. Whether you pair them with a stunning sundress or white jeans and a tee, the Capri earrings will exude cosmopolitan glitz. These gorgeous jewels are all you need this season for your jet set jaunts, no matter where on the globe you end up!

TAGS: Capri, Turquoise Earrings, Coral Earrings, Kenneth Jay Lane Jewelry, Kenneth Jay Lane Earrings, Earrings, Italy, Summer Jewelry

Summer Stud Earrings...Sizzling Jewelry Styles

By Nicola Ford on June 9, 2015


Temperatures are rising this summer at HAUTEheadquarters with our new collection of sizzling summer stud earrings! We understand not every fashionista wants to wear chandelier earrings - some ladies just love a stud (wink wink), a stud earring that is! Small stud earrings are far from boring these days. Seen in endless variations, studs are the perfect accessory this summer season and beyond. From chic pyramid designs to fun cactus studs, our designers have your breezy summer style covered. 

The Brooklyn Pave stud by Melinda Maria is a favorite this summer. Geometrically chic, this earring is stud perfection. This 14k gold plated small stud features beveled shapes with a sparkling micro-pave center. This little sparkler is perfect for the pool, beach and beyond. 

Designer Gorjana brings lots of fun studs to her Spring/Summer collection. Our Editor's choice from the Gorjana summer collection are her Palm Tree Stud earrings. These delightful earrings are perfect for palm lovers or anyone wanting to have a little fun in the sun. From palm trees in Cannes to the palms of Cali these gorgeous Gorjana studs will take you from sunrise to sunset.

Marcia Moran brings glamour to us this summer with her tantalizing turquoise stud earrings. The oceanic aqua shades of her studs remind us of Mediterranean summers. Whether you are jet setting to St. Tropez this season or staying poolside in the Hamptons, this sexy stud will be sure to add sparkle to your summer!

Melinda Maria Brooklyn Pave Stud Earrings $78


Gorjana Palm Tree Stud Earrings $38


Marcia Moran Turquoise CZ Stud Earrings $113


TAGS: Summer Stud Earrings, Stud Earrings, Marcia Moran, Summer Jewelry. Melinda Maria, Gorjana

Iris Apfel Style and Jewelry Icon

By Nicola Ford on May 7, 2015


Iris Apfel is my style inspiration when it comes to designer statement jewelry. Iris is often recognized by her trademark glasses, oversized accessories and unique style. Age is not slowing this 93 year old style icon down a bit. This legendary fashionista, businesswoman and interior designer is not showing any signs of retiring. Iris started a love affair with accessories and designer jewelry during The Great Depression. At a time in history when money was scarce and new clothing was not an option Iris recognized that adding jewelry to an outfit could completely change the look. She was quoted as saying that she considers herself "a champion of individuality". The Metropolitan Museum of Art recognized her by naming a gallery in her honor. Today it is said that Iris owns one of the largest and most extensive collections of designer couture costume jewelry in the world. Iris recently bequeathed the Peabody Essex Museum in Salem, Massachusetts 900 pieces from her personal collection including designs by Lanvin, McQueen, Lagerfeld and more. This week a  documentary by legendary filmmaker Albert Maysles titled "Iris" is hitting theatres. I cannot wait to see the lady behind the glasses!

Photo Courtesy of Bruce Webber & Vogue Italia

TAGS: Iris Apfel, Statement Jewelry, Accessories, Costume Jewelry, Desinger Jewelry, Albert Maysles

Elizabeth Cole Bracelet....Seen on Kristen Bell on Good Housekeeping Magazine May 2015

By Nicola Ford on April 28, 2015


We are so THRILLED to be featured on the May 2015 issue of Good Housekeeping Magazine. Even more exciting was the fact that our bracelet was worn by the gorgeous actress Kristen Bell! What's not to love about this girl next door. We love the fact that this beauty is an active vegan, activist, and is married to HAUTE hubby Dax Shepard.

Steal Kristen's style with our Elizabeth Cole bracelet. The Dunn Bracelet  is one of our Editors top picks for the Spring / Summer season. This tantalizing combination of Turquoise, Howlite, and Swarovski Crystals strikes the perfect balance between delicate and bold.

Photo Courtesy of Good Housekeeping Magazine

Elizabeth Cole Dunn Bracelet $133


TAGS: Good Housekeeping Magzine, Cover, Kristen Bell, Elizabeth Cole, Bracelet, Turquoise, Jewelry, Designer Jewelry

Hoop Earrings.. A Wardrobe Essential

By Nicola Ford on April 21, 2015


An affordable and easy way to update your look this Summer season is with a fantastic pair of hoop earrings. Hoop earrings are fun, feminine, and flirty. From Rihana to Angelina Jolie to Bravo-lebrities, hoops are HAUTE with celebrities. Hoops look great on a variety of facial shapes and can be worn both day and night. The best thing about hoops is they usually coordinate with any outfit. To create a polished look consider wearing your hair pulled back with a medium or large size hoop earring. These earrings come in a variety of metals and finishes. Choose from simple soft gold and rose gold tones, or shimmer in CZ or pave encrusted hoops. There are a variety of size and design combinations to choose from. Some of our favorites at HAUTEheadquarters are by Melinda Maria, Gorjana, and Kenneth Jay Lane.

Kenneth Jay Lane Bamboo Hoop Earrings $63


Gorjana Laurel Hoops $65


Melinda Maria Andi Pave Hoops $198


TAGS: Hoop Earrings, Designer Jewelry, Fashion Jewelry, Melinda Maria, Gorjana, Kenneth Jay Lane, Jewelry

Jennifer Lopez Celebrity Jewelry Style...Mixing Fine and Fashion Jewelry

By Nicola Ford on April 4, 2015


We are so enamored by celebrity fashionista Jennifer Lopez. Her gorgeous looks grace the covers of magazines, red carpets, television and movies. Last week Jennifer was spotted wearing an amazing and dazzling array of rings. Immediately we received dozens of questions as to where they are from and how to create this celebrity style. Jennifer is a huge fan of jeweler Norman Silverman. She has been seen in many of his fine diamond creations and recently paired $60,000 worth of his diamond bands with designer fashion jewelry by Melinda Maria. By mixing fine with faux Jennifer created a stunning style. The Norman Silverman diamond bands are stacked with Melinda Maria's Audrey Pave ring. This Audrey Pave ring is a favorite of fashionable ladies this season. The Audrey Pave ring is made of three sharp beveled bars that create and edgy cigar band. The center is designed with micro pave stones giving this 14k gold plated ring extra sparkle. You can create this look for less by mixing your diamond bands or cz bands with the Audrey Pave ring.

Photo courtesy of Melinda Maria

Melinda Maria Audrey Pave Ring $128


TAGS: Jennifer Lopez, Celebrity Style, Celebrity Rings, Melinda Maria, Audrey Ring, Designer Jewelry, Fashion Jewelry

Gorgeous Green Jewelry for St. Patrick's Day

By Nicola Ford on March 17, 2015


March 17th is recognized as St. Patrick's Day. On this day it is customary to wear green accessories or clothing. It is said that St. Patrick used the Shamrock to explain the Holy Trinity to the pagan Irish. St Patrick's Day, while not a legal holiday in the United States, is nonetheless widely recognised and observed throughout the country as a celebration of Irish and Irish American culture. Celebrations include prominent displays of the colour green, eating and drinking, religious observances, and numerous parades. The holiday has been celebrated on the North American continent since the late eighteenth century. However you choose to celebrate your St. Patty's Day do it in style. Our gorgeous green Swarovski crystal green rings by Kenneth Jay Lane are the perfect accessory to wear all year round. From dark Emerald Swarovski stones set in gold, to Peridot green stones surrounded in Amethyst we have a ring for you. Kenneth Jay Lane’s exceptional skill ensures him a permanent place in fashion history (and in every woman’s collection) “Elegance, luxury and good taste never go out of style,” says Kenneth Jay Lane – and he should know. His fabulous costume jewelry has caught the eye of the world’s most glamorous women for over five decades, including Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis, Elizabeth Taylor, Diana Vreeland, Audrey Hepburn, and Diana, Princess of Wales. Moreover, his pieces are now as sought-after and collectable as precious gems, with vintage pieces selling at Christies and Sothebys. Fast-forward to today and his name has become more internationally recognized than ever. His designs have been worn by such fashionistas as: Madonna, Sarah Jessica Parker, Lady Gaga, and Cheryl Cole. However you choose to dress with them now, they will be equally wearable in seasons to come. As Lane himself says, “I like to create jewelry that can be worn any time of the year, by any woman. Glamour is all year round.” Shop our Kenneth Jay Lane collection today.

Kenneth Jay Lane Rings


TAGS: St. Patrick's Day, Green Accessories, Green, Rings, Kenneth Jay Lane, Designer Jewelry, Cocktail Rings, Emerald

Scandals Darby Stanchfield in Melinda Maria

By Nicola Ford on March 3, 2015


The gorgeous raven haired beauty Darby Stanchfield is known by most as the character Abby Whelan on the hit television drama Scandal.  When she is not portraying Whelan as the White House Press Secretary, she can be seen looking stunning on the red carpet. Recently she was seen in a pair of simple yet chic Melinda Maria Lillian Earrings! At $78 these earrings are the perfect way to accessorize any look.

Melinda Maria Lillian Earrings $78


TAGS: Darby Stanchfield, Scandal, Red Carpet, Celebrity Jewelry, Melinda Maria, Earrings, HAUTEheadquarters

March...The Month of Green

By Nicola Ford on March 2, 2015


HAUTEheadquarters is thrilled to be featured in the March issue of Good Housekeeping Magazine. March is the month of green. From lucky Shamrocks, mischievous Leprechauns, to celebrating the Emerald Isle, green can be seen everywhere this time of year! Our green Chrysoprase cuff bracelet was featured in the editorial "20 Ways to do Kelly Green". Get one now and make your friends GREEN with envy!

Photos Courtesy of Good Housekeeping Magazine

Marcia Moran Chrysoprase Cuff $220


TAGS: Green, Chrysoprase, March, Good Housekeeping, Cuff Bracelet, HAUTEheadquarters, Kelly Green

Lupita Nyong'o's Dress Has Been Stolen

By Nicola Ford on February 26, 2015


The stunning designer Pearl gown worn by Lupita Nyong'o at the Oscar Awards has been stolen! The $150,000 creation by Franciso Costa for Calvin Klein reportedly went missing some time Wednesday from the London Hotel in West Hollywood. The stunning gown consists of over 6000 Akoya Pearls. The actress also wore Diamond drop earrings and  three Diamond rings from Chopard to the Oscars, however they have not been reported missing. Police are investigating, and are said to be viewing security cameras for a suspect!

Photo Courtesy of @lupitanyongo instagram

TAGS: Lupita Nyongo, Stolen OscarDress, Pearl Dress, London Hotel, Theft, Oscar Awards, Celebrity, HAUTEheadquarters.com

Lupita Nyong'o in Pearls at the Oscars

By Nicola Ford on February 23, 2015


Lupita Nyong'o looked stunning in a pearl gown by Calvin Klein at the 2015 Oscar Awards. The dress was covered in over 6000 pearls and had an estimated price of over $150,000 dollars. Calvin Klein Collections designer Francisco Costa said they considered many different pearls for the design including South Sea  and iridescent pearls. In the end they went with natural pearls and created every pearl girls dream dress.

Photo Vogue Mexico

TAGS: Pearls, Lupita Nyong'o, Oscars 2015, Celeb Style, Pearl Dress, Red Carpet, Oscar Awards, Style

Margot Robbie Oscar 2015 Necklace

By Nicola Ford on February 22, 2015


Margot Robbie killed it at the 2015 Oscars. The blonde Australian beauty stunned in a black draped gown by Yves Saint Laurent. Her Van Cleef and Arpels zipper necklace was originally designed for The Duchess of Windsor . Known as the "Zip Antique" the diamond and sapphire necklace is estimated to be worth $1.5 million dollars!

TAGS: Margot Robbie, Van Cleef Arpels, Oscar Jewelry, Oscar Necklace, Celeb Style, Margot Robbie Necklace

Melinda Maria on her Spring Summer 15 Collection

By Nicola Ford on February 14, 2015


Watch the gorgeous and talented Melinda Maria discuss her latest design inspirations in her video below. Her latest collection consists of clean architectural lines with a sexy edgy feminine feel. This Spring Melinda will be introducing a new Bevel Bar Edge Collection consisting of Rainbow Moonstone and Labradorite stones. Her pieces are sleek, sexy and fashion forward. The pieces feel expensive but are accessible to women everywhere. Stay tuned for more from Melinda Maria!  

Photo Courtesy of Melinda Maria

Video Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KOkG-M3Hkw4

TAGS: Melinda Maria, Designer Fashion Jewelry, Celebrity Jewelry, HAUTEheadquarters, Spring Summer 15, Resort, Interview

Turquoise and Lapis Earrings

By Nicola Ford on February 8, 2015


It's getting close to that time of year. The weather is beginning to warm up a bit and Spring is fast approaching. Each Spring season we see many designers use bold color combinations in their designs. A particular favorite is the use of Lapis with Turquoise stones and colors. We love this color combination. It is vibrant, fun, and the perfect pop of color to add to your jewelry collection!

Kenneth Jay Lane Lapis Cab Earrings $135


Turquoise and Blue Missoni on the Runway

Kenneth Jay Lane Drop Earrings $80


TAGS: Lapis, Turquoise, Blue, Spring, Resort, Earrings, Kenneth Jay Lane, Designer Jewelry, HAUTEheadquarters

Jet Set Gypsy Earrings by Kenneth Jay Lane

By Nicola Ford on February 6, 2015


Bold black bohemian beads accentuate these Kenneth Jay Lane Jet Set Gypsy Black Earrings. To complete the Jet-Set Gypsy look just add the earrings, a peasant blouse and more baubles and bangles! These stunning earrings have been featured in numerous editorials as well as on the cover of Vogue Italia!

Photo Courtesy of Vogue Italia

Black Jet Set Gypsy Earrings $130


TAGS: Gypsy Earrings, Jet Set, Black Boho Earrings, Kenneth Jay Lane Earrings, Kenneth Jay Lane, HAUTEheadquarters

Melanie Auld Horn Necklaces Coming Soon

By Nicola Ford on February 3, 2015


I will admit I have a serious obsession with horn necklaces! I can't tell you exactly why, but I can tell you I own a lot of them and LOVE them all! The moment I saw these HAUTE NEW Melanie Auld necklaces I knew I had to have them. These simple yet chic horn necklaces are the perfect accessory. The best part is you can style and wear them in multiple ways.

Melanie Auld Horn Necklaces

Coming Soon!


TAGS: Melanie Auld, Horn Necklace, Tooth Necklace, Horn Pendant, Melanie Auld Jewelry, Designer Necklaces, HAUTEheadquarters, HAUTEheadqtrs

Stunning Suzanna Dai Earrings

By Nicola Ford on February 2, 2015


Suzie Gallehugh is the creative force behind the Suzanna Dai collection. Her fun and unique personality can be seen in every piece she designs!  Suzie's love of intricate embellishments, international travel, foreign cultures, and all things vintage led her to create the Suzanna Dai Collection. This seasons collection is even more amazing than her last. There are so many stunning pieces to choose from. Currently we are coveting her Orsay Drop Earrings.

Suzanna Dai Orsay Earrings $220


TAGS: Suzanna Dai, Orsay Earrings, Designer Earrings, Seafoam Earrings, Beaded Earrings, HAUTEheadquarters

Desinger Melinda Maria's Jewelry Sketch

By Nicola Ford on February 1, 2015


I personally adore Melinda Maria jewelry! The aesthetic of her work just speaks to me. The fact that Melinda is stunningly beautiful and super sweet doesn't hurt either. Recently I came across a sketch she did for a new snake ring debuting this Spring. I find the thought process that goes into each piece fascinating. Melinda Maria's philosophy of design is to create beautiful, high quality jewelry that looks real, but is actually fine, crafted costume jewelry. High fashion designs, carefully selected materials, and the craftsmanship of some of the best jewelers in the world come together to create stunning pieces that can be worn by celebrities on the red carpet or anytime you want to feel beautiful.

Photo courtesy of Melinda Maria.

TAGS: Melinda Maria, Melinda Maria Jewelry, Snake Ring, Designer Sketch, HAUTEheadquarters, Designers, Fashion, Jewelry Designs

Elizabeth Cole Kyler Necklace

By Nicola Ford on February 2, 2015


Every season Stephanie Owen, the creative genius behind Elizabeth Cole Jewelry blows us away with her designs! This season our Editor's choice pick is the Kyler Turquoise Necklace. This gorgeous piece is perfectly set with glass stones, Swarovski crystals, and turquoise Howlite. Make a statement this summer in the Kyler Necklace. Made in the USA.

Elizabeth Cole Kyler Necklace $448


TAGS: Turquoise Necklace, Kyler, Elizabeth Cole Jewelry, Elizabeth Cole Necklace, Summer 15, Turquoise Jewelry, Statement Necklace

Gwyneth Turquoise Earrings

By Nicola Ford on January 24, 2015


Melinda Maria is notorious for her celebrity clientele. Originally she created the Gwyneth Hoop earring in a much larger size. Now slightly smaller, but equally as chic as the original this earring is the perfect Spring / Summer hoop. Marquis cut turquoise stones are placed perfectly in a textured setting. This is the perfect hoop to wear everyday!

Melinda Maria Medium Gwyneth Hoop Earrings $178


TAGS: Melinda Maria, Gwyneth Hoop Earrings, Turquoise Hoops, Turquoise Earrings, Turquoise Jewelry, Hoop Earrings

Red Carpet Style Stealer

By Nicola Ford on January 21, 2015


Get the Red Carpet look for less! Julianne Moore and Dianne Kruger sparkled on the Red Carpet in their multi carat diamond cluster earrings. Steal their style in our Elizabeth Cole Mini Bacall Earrings. The Mini Bacall is delicate and luxurious. These earrings are small in size but huge on style.  

Elizabeth Cole Mini Bacall Earrings $138


TAGS: Elizabeth Cole Jewelry, Elizabeth Cole Earrings, Mini Bacall Earrings, Red Carpet, Style Stealer, Swarovski Earrings, Designer Jewelry

#Gorjana Selfie No Filter Necklace

By Nicola Ford on January 24, 2015


I love all things Gorjana! Her lastest collection appeals to all of the social media darlings out there! Her cheeky hashtag necklaces are the perfect gift for that social savvy darling in your life. My personal favorites are the Selfie Necklace and of course No Filter!


TAGS: Gorjana, Nofilter, Hastag Necklace, Social Media, Jewelry, HAUTEheadqtrs

Kenneth Jay Lane Capri Pearl Earrings

By Nicola Ford on January 18, 2015


Kenneth Jay Lane is the King of Costume for good reason. His Capri earrings in Spring colors have been a top seller for two seasons! Now this gorgeous earring is available in Pearl. This makes for the perfect Ladylike statement earring!

Kenneth Jay Lane Capri Pearl Earrings $120


TAGS: Kenneth Jay Lane, Kenneth Jay Lane Pearl, Pearl Earrings, Capri Earrings, KJL Earrings, Statement Earrings, Bride

Runway Jewelry Looks for Less

By Nicola Ford on January 17, 2015


Runway looks can break the bank! Not to worry, our designer looks by Marcia Moran and Kenneth Jay Lane are big on style but within budget!

TAGS: Look for less, Kenneth Jay Lane, Marcia Moran, Bracelets, Rigs, Designer looks, Designer Jewelry

Jennifer Aniston Golden Globes Style Stealers

By Nicola Ford on January 16, 2015


Everyone's favorite friend and girl next door Jennifer Aniston looked amazingly chic at the Golden Globe Awards! Dressed in Yves Saint Laurent and Neil Lane jewelry she definitely brought out the glam! Steal her style with these jewelry pieces from Marcia Moran, Kenneth Jay and Melinda Maria!


TAGS: Jennifer Aniston, Style Stealer, Jewelry, Black Earrings, Red Carpet Style, Golden Globes, Earrings, Rings

Elizabeth Cole Minka Necklace

By Nicola Ford on January 15, 2015


Every season I wait anxiously to see the latest Elizabeth Cole Collection. Designer Stephanie Owen never disappoints me. Her Minka Necklace is a personal favorite of mine. The combination of jade and coral stones set with Swarovski crystals is simply stunnig! It is versatile enough to wear with a simple tee and jeans or dressed up for a night out!

Elizabeth Cole Jade Minka Necklace $230


TAGS: Statement Necklace, Jade, Elizabeth Cole Jewelry, Stephanie Owen, Necklace, Desinger Jewelry

Marcia Moran Triangle Pendant

By Nicola Ford on January 15, 2015


Featured in this months People StyleWatch Magazine was Marcia Moran's Stunning Triangle Pave Pendant Necklace in Iridescent Agate. This stunning necklace was layered to create a glam boho look!

TAGS: Marcia Moran, Agate, Triangle Necklace, Pave, Jewelry, As Seen In, Boho, HAUTEheadqtrs

Melanie Auld Pave V Ring

By Nicola Ford on January 14, 2015


Melanie Auld is amazingly HAUTE! Her entire collection is super chic. We can't get enough of her Pave collection.

The Pave V Ring is divine and can be worn up or down! Available in Gold, Silver, or Rose tone! Stay tuned for her Resort 2015 Collection coming soon!

Melanie Auld Rings $135


TAGS: Melanie Auld, HAUTEheadquarters, Pave Ring, Designer Fashion Jewelry, Rings, Ring, Melanie Auld Collection

Stylebistro Loves Kenneth Jay Lane

By Nicola Ford on January 14, 2015


Kenneth Jay Lane Cabochon Earrings are always popular! Stylebistro.com agrees with us! Featured on their site this week our Kenneth Jay Lane Ruby Cab Earrings. These earrings make a huge statement and won't break the bank at $100.

Kenneth Jay Lane Ruby Earrings $100


TAGS: Kenneth Jay Lane, KJL, Kenneth Jay Lane Earrings, Ruby Earrings, Cabochon, Stylebistro, Kenneth Jay Lane Jewelry

Kate Hudson Golden Globes Style Stealer

By Nicola Ford on January 14, 2015


In my next life I would like to be Kate Hudson for a day! Hugely famous, tremendously gorgeous, and Goldie Hawn as a Mom! In the meantime we can all steal her style in these Marcia Moran Druzy Earrings.

 Marcia Moran Titanium Druzy Cluster Earrings $188


TAGS: Kate Hudson, Style Stealer, Celebrity Style, Marcia Moran, Golden Globes, Earrngs, Druzy, Celeb Style

Currently Coveting Kenneth Jay Lane

By Nicola Ford on January 14, 2015


I admit I adore Kenneth Jay Lane. From his whimsical animal bracelets to his colorful cabochons I just simply cannot get enough! Currently I am coveting (actually wearing) his gold link bracelet. It is the perfect piece for me as it is classically chic. It is simple enough to wear alone or add to your existing arm party! Available in Silver or Gold.


Kenneth Jay Lane Gold Link Bracelet $228


TAGS: Kenneth Jay Lane, KJL, Kenneth Jay Lane Jewelry, Kenneth Jay Lane Bracelet, Gold Link Bracelet, HAUTEheadquarters, Classic, Chic, Bracelet

People's Choice Awards..Get the Look for Less

By Nicola Ford on January 13, 2015


Steal Kaley Cuoco's Style in these Gorjana Horn Earrings!

Gorjana Fancy Horn Earrings $48 


TAGS: Gorjana, People's Choice Awards, Kaley Cuoco, Style Stealers, Celeb Style,Celebrity Jewelry

Golden Globes Favorite Naomi Watts

By Nicola Ford on January 14, 2015


Naomi Watts did not disappoint at the 2015 Golden Globes. The British beauty stunned in a striking yellow gown by Gucci and Diamond snake necklace by Bulgari.  Totaling more than 76 carats this snake is one we would be more than happy to see!

TAGS: Naomi Watts, Golden Globes, Bulgari, Snake Necklace, Diamonds, Gucci, Red Carpet, Style

Marcia Moran Druzy Earrings

By Nicola Ford on January 4, 2015


The Spring Season brings with it lots of gorgeous new jewels. The new Spring/Resort Collection by Marcia Moran is heavily influenced by bamboo. Don't worry though the Queen of Druzy still manages to bring her famous stones to fruition!


Marcia Moran Natural Druzy Bamboo Earrings $170

TAGS: Accessories, Designer Fashion Jewelry, Marcia Moran, Earrings, Druzy, Bamboo, Spring 2015, Resort, Druzy Earrings

Happy New Year

By Nicola Ford on January 1, 2015



Happy New Year! Thank you to everyone who took the time to shop with us this year! I truly appreciate your patronage and the opportunity to work with each of you! Wishing you all a blessed and prosperous New Year!  



TAGS: New Year, 2015, HAUTE, HAUTEheadqtrs, Jewels, New, Accessories

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Elizabeth Cole Bracelet....Seen on Kristen Bell on Good Housekeeping Magazine May 2015

April 28, 2015

Hoop Earrings.. A Wardrobe Essential

April 21, 2015

Jennifer Lopez Celebrity Jewelry Style...Mixing Fine and Fashion Jewelry

April 4, 2015

Gorgeous Green Jewelry for St. Patrick's Day

March 17, 2015

Scandals Darby Stanchfield in Melinda Maria

March 3, 2015

March...The Month of Green

March 2, 2015

Lupita Nyong'o's Dress Has Been Stolen

February 26, 2015

Lupita Nyong'o in Pearls at the Oscars

February 23, 2015

Margot Robbie Oscar 2015 Necklace

February 22, 2015

Melinda Maria on her Spring Summer 15 Collection

February 14, 2015

Turquoise and Lapis Earrings

February 8, 2015

Jet Set Gypsy Earrings by Kenneth Jay Lane

February 6, 2015

Melanie Auld Horn Necklaces Coming Soon

February 3, 2015

Stunning Suzanna Dai Earrings

February 2, 2015

Desinger Melinda Maria's Jewelry Sketch

February 1, 2015

Elizabeth Cole Kyler Necklace

February 2, 2015

Gwyneth Turquoise Earrings

January 24, 2015

Red Carpet Style Stealer

January 21, 2015

#Gorjana Selfie No Filter Necklace

January 24, 2015

Kenneth Jay Lane Capri Pearl Earrings

January 18, 2015

Runway Jewelry Looks for Less

January 17, 2015

Jennifer Aniston Golden Globes Style Stealers

January 16, 2015

Elizabeth Cole Minka Necklace

January 15, 2015

Marcia Moran Triangle Pendant

January 15, 2015

Melanie Auld Pave V Ring

January 14, 2015

Stylebistro Loves Kenneth Jay Lane

January 14, 2015

Kate Hudson Golden Globes Style Stealer

January 14, 2015

Currently Coveting Kenneth Jay Lane

January 14, 2015

People's Choice Awards..Get the Look for Less

January 13, 2015

Golden Globes Favorite Naomi Watts

January 14, 2015

Marcia Moran Druzy Earrings

January 4, 2015

Happy New Year

January 1, 2015